We take stress and expense out of everyday urban mobility and help foster local commerce so that you can experience the city you love

Cities are becoming more and more populated

Cities are becoming more and more populated

The influx of new residents and visitors is vastly outgrowing municipal capacities and their ability to meet basic mobility needs. Citifyd helps reduce the stress and costs associated with urban mobility. By integrating services for commuters, transportation and parking providers, as well as surrounding businesses, we bring a previously disjointed ecosystem together as one seamless solution.


Our vision is to make cities more livable. It all started with a single idea - how can we make it easier for people to park? Citifyd was founded with the simple notion that the more time people spend in their cars, the less time they spend doing what their goal for commuting was. Over time, this goal grew from solving parking to making commuting easier and less expensive. We created a multi-modal mobility platform that integrates services for commuters, transportation and parking providers, as well as surrounding businesses—a previously disjointed ecosystem—to create one seamless solution.

With increased urbanization across the globe, cities are becoming overcrowded and more difficult to navigate. If we can simplify and streamline all commuting, we can not only reduce congestion and improve the environment, but also help foster local economies leading to a more dynamic, lively city.

Citifyd has developed a patented blend of software and hardware solutions that can fit any mobility context. Purposefully modular, these products can be combined differently to meet the needs and challenges of any municipality or transportation and parking provider. With user experience at the center of our platform, Citifyd’s easy-to-use products create new connections between commuters, mobility providers, and local businesses that reduce congestion and increase livability (not to mention the bottom line). Check out our product pages to learn more about how we make sure everyone gets to experience the city that they love.